Collaborate with the server and earn rewards!

Why donate?

By donating you are helping to keep the server online, with quality and always updated.
You get Event Medal's as a reward for collaboration that can be redeemed for various items in game.

  • Event Medal's: R$ 0,10


Your donation can be made through the Pagseguro or PayPal. Follows the data below.


iten Valor
Armor +20 30$
Weapon +20 30$
Joias +20 30$
Pacote de Itens +20 70$
Belt/Tatoo/capa +20 30$
Dual Aiox Buffer +30 60$
Skill+30 20$
Pacote (Todas Skill+30 ) 60$
100 Event Medal 10$
troca base/nick/sex etc 20$
passiva/ativa (Aguments) 10$
Doacoes a Cima d 70,00 reais ganhara hero por um mes , 200 elixir Hp ,1k d Cp potion, 10k d Gmedal,10 Event Medal, 100 Top-Grade Life Stone.

Doacoes a Cima d 150,00 reais ganhara hero por 3 mes , 1k d elixir Hp ,5k d Cp potion, 50k d Gmedal,50 Event Medal, 300 Top-Grade Life Stone, pet wyvern permanente(dragao voador),1 Skill+30.
Conta do servidor

Nome do Personagem:

Valor para doacao:

1º   GarfilOfDeath 948 pvps
2º   Afavorita 710 pvps
3º   -BieLZiNnNnn- 696 pvps
1º   Khaleesi 427 pks
2º   PANIC0 203 pks
3º   RAFAGORGORI 192 pks
1º   TheLords lv 11
2º   Saquinarios lv 11
3º   7-1 lv 11
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